Like we said, in order to get approved on Canada’s Start-up Visa Program, you have to have an innovative, job creating and globally competitive business idea and of course a team who can implement what you’re suggesting. Before going into the process without proper preparation and information, we will help you to shape your idea to increase the success rate of being accepted by designated organizations. We need to make sure that you’re on the right track and you’re not wasting your valuable time and your other resources and got failed and rejected. We will evaluate and verify your ideas and plans to tell you how to align it with what is required.


There are 64 designated organizations that you need to have their approval to show if you are the right person/team to work with. Designated organizations are business groups that are approved to invest in or support possible start-ups through the Start-up Visa Program. Organizations choose which business proposals to review. Each organization has its own intake process for proposals and criteria used to assess them. For example, you may be asked to present your business concept in person or submit a detailed business plan. If an organization decides to review our business idea, it’ll assess the potential of your proposal and whether or not it’ll succeed. If an organization chooses to support your business idea, it’ll give you a Letter of Support. We will help you and stay with you all along the process.


A letter of support is given to the applicant by the designated angel investor group or venture capital fund. It is proof that they will support your business idea. Letter of support is the key element in approving your eligibility as a Start-up Visa Program applicant.


Many DOs have specific programs to help startups find their ways in Canada startup ecosystem. They also may have an interview process to qualify their applicants. We help you to be prepared for your interviews when you’re invited by a DO.