Optecon Solutions is a Toronto-based Startups and SME management consultancy. Our mission is to enable business transformation by providing our expertise in strategy, technology, and management. We love working with young entrepreneurs, solving problems of all shapes and sizes. When working with SMEs, our unique, cross-functional experience and expertise allows us to partner with clients to identify their pain points, offer analytics-based solutions and innovate their business operations.


The idea of Optecon Solutions coming into existence was emerged from its co-founders’ collected experiences. During the years, we found out that the talent of our people together with the agility we’ve built in our organization helped us to offer a clear value proposition to our clients and respond to their unmet needs. We believe by following those principles through a client centric approach, we can build a delightful experience for every stakeholder and create a tangible value.


Ali is the CEO and co-founder of Optecon Solutions. He has defined the firm’s vision and is responsible for managing the company, formulating long-term strategies and driving growth. Ali is recognized as an entrepreneurial strategist and a business improvement expert, being able to bring new innovative ideas to large and emerging companies alike in his more than 20 years of experience. Ali holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, an MSc in Industrial Engineering and an MBA.

MEHDI H. YAZDI (PhD) Managing Partner

Mehdi is the Managing Partner and also a co-founder of Optecon Solutions. He is responsible for taking care of clients’ needs and come up with innovative solutions based on real data and prepare the analytics derived from situation. Mehdi has a diverse area of interests, starting from financial engineering topics to data analytics. He received his PhD from Ryerson University in Industrial Engineering and he also obtained a BSc in Software Engineering.