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Business Plans? Startups? Struggling? We’re here for YOU! How would you like your startup menu?


Whether you’re dealing with a startup or an SME, growth is one of the most important characteristics. Most entrepreneurs take growth as granted, which is absolutely not the case. Apart many things that are needed for growth, like “Product Market Fit” or “Retention”, sustaining long-term growth requires a planned, structured and scientific approach.


At OPTECON SOLUTIONS, our team of professionals bring value to each challenge, relying on their collective experiences in a variety of businesses and industries. This recipe has been flavored with cooperation, dedication, flexibility, and knowledge which distinguishes us among the crowd.


We embrace a culture that focuses on data analysis, smart risk-taking, genuine insight and a structured way of thinking. Our genuine insight and recommendations enlighten and question prevailing assumptions and exceed our client’s expectations.


A business plan is the interpretation of entrepreneur or investor thoughts into a formal, written and documented form. Business plan is how you plan to create or grow a business. It will address every area of your business especially those related to expenses and income. It is used to demonstrate the value and profitability of your idea and approach to your business. In real life scenarios, most of the time, you need business plan to convince the funding organization that you have a business idea that is worth supporting.


In the start-ups world, a pitch is typically a presentation of a business idea to potential investors. Start-up teams pitch their business, idea or both because they need resources. If the goal is to raise startup cash, well, obviously the target of the pitch would be an investor.
The problem starts from the time that the start-up team have to close the books and probably their codes and show up in presentation session with potential investors who have real and serious reservations giving their hard earned money to what seems to their eyes some aliens from another galaxy that are talking gibberish!
There are several reasons why you need to have a 3C (carefully calculated clean) pitch. Here are some of them that we can help you with:

  1. You have a fear of public speaking
  2. You haven’t practiced your pitch enough (this one is a common case for almost everyone)
  3. You have not pitched in public before
  4. You have not pitched for an investor before
  5. You are a technical cofounder
  6. You are a first time startup founder
  7. You worked within a team and someone else put together your pitch deck
  8. You haven’t received any feedback on your pitch from a stranger yet
  9. You’ve received conflicting feedback from various mentors
  10. You haven’t raised funding successfully before


Data and Data Analysis became a cornerstone of every successful business in recent years. We help SME’s and Startups to identify their pain points and also their competitive edges by applying new methods based on data, providing them a 360-degree view and better understanding of their business to allow them make better decisions.


Canada’s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada that:

  1. are innovative
  2. can create jobs for Canadians
  3. can compete on a global scale

Do you have an innovative business idea? But first, you have to get support for your idea from one of the designated organizations. We will help you and then you may be able to immigrate to Canada.