Start-ups are new buzz word in the business world. It usually implies saddling up for new technologies at first, but with the time passing, it also means innovative ideas to build successful and lucrative business with a rapid growth. That’s where we can help. When you have a start-up which you are looking for funds, especially on early stages, we help you with your business plan, financial plan and your valuable pitch deck for your presentation session. We can even coach the startup team and have everything ready for your new little to be grown company.  


Loans from government and banks play a pivotal role in funding companies. We help small and medium businesses through the process of getting access to their appropriate loans and funding, whether to reconstruct their business or to expand it and make a transition to the next level in their journey. To do this, businesses should present their business plan directly to a chartered bank or credit union. Your business financial institution is responsible for making the decision to approve the loan.


Most of the immigration programs that have been designed by Canadian government are focused on applicants’ abilities in building up their own businesses and help Canadian economy. Having that in mind, proposed businesses should come along with business plans that shows the entrepreneurs mindset, plans and viability their business in their new socio-economic birthplace. We help immigration applicants to get familiar with Canadian business environment and help them with a business plan to fulfill their obligations and win their quest.


SME’s are pillars of a society and the industry. There are almost 1.1 million SMEs in Canada and they also have a big slice in GDP pie chart in every country. In US, this share is around 40 percent and in Canada SMEs contributed 49.4 percent to the country’s GDP. That’s why we would do everything in power to help SMEs who are facing some barriers, struggling financially or have a hard time adapting to new business and socio environment. We help you put together your new business plan and work with you to put it into action.